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General Science

General Sciences

My name is Melissa Cayford and I am the general Science teacher here at Highwood High School teaching mainly Science 9, 14, 20 and 30.  I have been teaching at Highwood since 2012 and have taught many other courses (Science 10, 24, Math 9, 10C, 10-3, 20-3 and 30-3) and I was also a learning coach. 


I often get asked by students about general science and what exactly is taught in this stream.  General science has a broad range of academic studies varying from chemistry to biology and from physics to environmental studies.  General science is an interdisciplinary steam that gives you a grand tour of all things science related.  Science 20 and 30 are academic strands of science where students can “sharpen their scientific skills and explore a wide range of scientific concepts to strengthen their foundations in science.” (Alberta Education). 

For further information about the curricular content of each general science course, please refer to the Alberta Education websites found below:

Science 9 -

Science 10 -

Science 14/24 -

Science 20/30 -

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