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Mrs. Pam Kearsey

Foods Program at Highwood High School

 At Highwood High School we offer a wide range of foods credits to students in grades 10-12.  The credits include both baking and culinary arts and range from basic to advanced level.  These courses prepare students with the essential skills to cook at home and with the basic skills to move into a post-secondary culinary or baking program.  At Highwood we have the unique opportunity to connect student learning to real world application through our cafeteria and small catering program.  Students learn the safety and sanitation requirements for working in an inspected food facility as well as how to work with some commercial equipment.  This along with the cooking skills we teach them can also allow them to confidently apply to local restaurants and catering companies for summer or part time employment.

 Our Foods 9 program allows students the opportunity to explore and discover possible interests and passions involving food preparation.  Through our Mustang Café and small catering program, we offer students an authentic learning experience.  Students in grade 9 are assigned a specific job each class related to how an inspected kitchen is operated and through the various jobs they learn about food safety and sanitation, how to use a variety of kitchen equipment, how to read, understand, and follow recipes, the importance of teamwork involved in food preparation, nutrition, and for many students our program helps builds confidence so students can flourish.      

  At Highwood High School we give students with a keen interest and passion in baking or culinary arts a chance to compete in Skills Canada competitions.  In the past we have taken students to both baking and culinary arts regional competitions held at SAIT and have had the opportunity to take a student to Provincials in Edmonton and Nationals which has a different location each year.  beVFykgQHZncAoxk0cBAG1XkYpaGWnSSqIX8mPz7dpDnpbr0SxMxKfkWtDo49nJVvVlJXRgYoAYfjAJ_owRqwljHTNHnD2W-fXATumpB1ujmjeyT_JYDK4lPDO1l_Q7UM8pU8kfb=s0


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