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Carpentry -Gr. 11 Outline


Carpentry 20              Mr. Connell                          

Rm# 139                 

Highwood High School


Students enrolled in Carpentry 20 are exposed to modules at an intermediate level.   You will have choice between two strands – Building Construction or Furniture Making.  Students will advance their employability skill set (fundamental skills, personal management skills, and teamwork skill).  Through safe practices students develop knowledge and practical skills from the building of project work.


CON1010 Construction Tools & Materials – Students develop basic hand tool and production skills to transform common building materials safely into useful products. - Pre-req

CON1120 Product Management – Student develops basic shop drawing and estimating skills and applies them to build a product. - Pre-req


Module Evaluation 

            30%     Bench mark (basic competencies)

Fundamental Skills

Communication, Information Management, Thinking & Problem solving, 

Personal Management Skills 

Responsibility, Adaptability, Safe work practices, Work 


Team Work Skills 

Working with others, participation in projects & tasks.

            50%     - Projects (practical hands on building skills) 

            20%     - Written work - assignments, patterns & quizzes/tests


Course/Project Timeline 

  • Introduction, Outline, Projects, Moodle 1day
  • General Safety, Machine Safety, Safety Videos 4 days
  • Safety Test 1 day
  • Project Planning Module Questions, Price Cutting/Plan of Procedure & Template design 5-7 days
  • Project Construction 12 weeks


Lumber Charge

Students pay a shop fee at the beginning of the semester.  This covers the use of adhesives, abrasives, fasteners, finishes or, re-sharpening of blades and other related consumables.   Major Projects require an additional fee to cover necessary lumber & hardware.   

Carpentry – Classroom Routines & Expectations 

This itemized list of classroom routines & expectations is specific for Mr. Connell’s Carpentry room.  Developing safe and respectful work habits is mandatory for all ensuring a safe/efficient work environment.  Understand and follow personal safety protocol by Alberta Heath regarding physical distancing, wearing of face masks, effective hand-sanitization, and identification of personal sign/symptoms of illness.   If your sick – stay home! 

Classroom Routines 

  1. Classroom Entry & Preparation
  • Enter/exit the shop only through the North Wing hallway.
  • Ensure you have necessary tools for learning.   Binder/Duo-Tang/Lined Paper/Pens & Pencils for coursework and note-taking & classroom activities. These items will not be provided!
  • Project Work, Material Storage space will be provided for students in class.
  • Safety Glasses & Masks are a necessity for each student.  These will be provided Mr. Connell.


  1. Backpacks/Bags/Purses will be stored along project storage cabinet in the shop.  


  1. Covid Best Practice – Continue practicing good hygiene by washing/sanitizing hands before, during and upon leaving class.  Wear a properly fitted mask when around other classmates.  Stay home when feeling unwell. 


  1. Daily Lessons - Lectures, Demonstrations, Paper/Pencil activities, Videos, Individual Project Work.  (Be sure to take regular notes)


  1. Shop Cleaning & Sanitization - Remaining 15minutes of class is designated towards housekeeping duties, personal cleaning & sanitization.   Sanitize/restack your chair, and sanitize your work station.


  1. Dismissal – Daily debriefings prior to leaving.  Please no congregating around shop entrances/exits.   Mr. Connell will dismiss at scheduled times above.

Classroom Expectations

Just showing gets you nothing!  A solid work ethic, demonstrating respect, responsibility, honesty, maturity & independence are the fundamentals for success.   I don’t expect any less!

  • Safety – Quizzes and tests must be successfully completed prior to machine & tool use.
  • Respect – Giving attention and showing care.
  • Responsibility – Horseplay is not tolerated. 
  • Attendance – Completed at the beginning of each class.  Be on time!
  • Questions & Assistance – Ask, but do it respectfully.
  • Moodle – An electronic platform to regularly access course work and posted assignments. Learn it, and use it regularly.  This is the platform for anything online!
  • Textbooks – Reading material will be posted on Moodle for viewing purposes.
  • Washroom Use – At an appropriate time as not to impede on lessons, instruction, demonstrations, etc.  Raise your hand if necessary - Exit/Entry log needs to be filled out by Mr. Connell.  Only use Washroom in English Wing. 
  • Mobile Devices – Mr. Connell will notify you when devices use is acceptable. Power off at the beginning of class and in backpacks preventing unnecessary distractions. 
  • Appointments – Please notify your Mr. Connell in-advance of any of any pre-scheduled medical leaves.
  • Late – Notify Mr. Connell ensuring attendance is updated.  Be on time!
  • Food/Beverages – Beverages only with closed lids.  Food not allowed.
  • Clothing – Shoes that fully cover your feet.  
  • Communication Home – Monthly emails.  You need to update parents on your responsibilities in class.   
  • Be a Responsible Learner – Follow the “Characteristics of Responsible learner Guidelines” posted in class.
  • Coming Prepared to Work – Pre-plan your day in advance.  Be on the floor ready to work and on time, working on necessary assignments & projects assigned.  Finish work early – then we talk!
  • Computer Lab – No access, no storage, no entering or exit to/from the shop.  
  • Independence – Hone this skill base, its important! Don’t rely on me holding your hand.
  • Honesty – Speak the truth, or don’t speak at all!
  • Maturity – Act your age and with integrity!
  • Skipping – These actions show you choose not to commit.  

Building Construction Modules & Projects…. 

CON1070 Building Construction – Students examine common building systems and develop basic skills related to building a simple model or full-size system/structure.

CON2035 Framing Systems - Floor – Students develop basic framing knowledge and skills associated with the construction of a floor and wall system.

CON2045 Framing Systems - Wall – Students develop basic framing knowledge and skills associated with the construction of a wall system.

CON2050 Framing Systems - Roof – Students develop basic framing knowledge and skills associated with the framing and finishing of a simple roof system.

CON2910 Project B - Students develop project design and management skills to extend and enhance competencies and skills in other CTS courses through contexts that are personally relevant.

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