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December Hot Lunch Orders Due November 25th!

Hot Lunch

Ordering is open for December!!

If you haven't signed in this year you will need to set up a new account when you go to the Hot Lunch website even if you had an account last year. Please follow the instructions on the bottom half of the login page. You will be asked for an access code upon registering. It is: alpha1

If you have a credit from last year, you will need to register with the same email address as last year as this is how your credit will be linked to your account.

If you have any issues with the system please contact Crystal at

Please pay attention to which days you are ordering for. We do our best to block ordering for days certain classes will not be in the school, however, with several Kindergarten classes, the Nature Based Learning Program having days off school grounds and the possibility of other classes leaving the grounds for special events, it can be difficult to make sure the system is set up perfectly. If you notice any days that are not blocked off and should be or vice versa, please let Crystal know at

As there are Covid-19 response measures as of the beginning of this school year, we will be operating under the same procedures as last school year.

- We will not be selling items made in-house at this time. All food will be individually packaged by our vendors off-site in facilities adhering to Covid-19 safety standards and delivered to the school. The only snacks that we will be selling will be pre-packaged as well. We have been able to find vendors to provide certain items that we used to make "in-house" and will continue to look at bringing in more of these previously popular items. 

- Pricing In many cases, the extra packaging and labour costs for our vendors have resulted in an increase in pricing from last year. Our vendors have been amazing and are trying their best to accommodate both the heath protocols and our needs and we truly appreciate all they have done to be able to continue to work with us.

- As always, we will need volunteers! Since our vendors will be providing all food pre-packaged and, in most cases, pre-sorted by classroom, there will be no actual food preparation. The work will be in setting up tables and bins for classes, putting the orders in the right bins and cleaning. This means that only one or two volunteers will be needed per day. We will be making an extra effort to have clear instructions for procedures and communication with our volunteers, so even if you have never volunteered before, it will be a relatively straightforward task. Masks and gloves will be required and we will have backup plans in place in case of volunteers needing to cancel last minute due to illness or Covid symptoms.

- We may not always be able to allow parents to come into the school to pick up lunches in the case of a student's absence. We understand that this can make things difficult in the case of a student showing symptoms, but we need to adhere to safety protocols as much as possible. In the case of a last minute absence, please contact your child's teacher to let them know what to do with the ordered food. As much as Hot Lunch is the main fundraiser for our school, we do not want financial issues to be a concern for any family and our main priority is to keep everyone healthy, so if you have any concerns when your child is needing to be kept home for an unexpected extended period of time, please contact us to discuss the options. 

- Please send cutlery with your student on Hot Lunch days that require it. In order to adhere to safety protocols, we can only give out pre-packaged disposable cutlery. This results in an increase in both waste and cost. We would very much appreciate your help in keeping waste and cost down by sending reusable cutlery with your student. 

Please remind your children to speak to their teacher if they are missing ordered items.

Thank you so much for your continued support of our school's largest fund-raiser!

CAN YOU HELP OUT BY VOLUNTEERING?  This is the school's largest fundraiser and we could really benefit from more volunteers. A link to our volunteer signup page is below. Contact Bridget if you have any questions at

Remember we have 2 convenient ways to pay:  PayPal right at the time of ordering or e-Transfer to (use password: Okotoks) Payment is due at time of ordering. 

Thank you!

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