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Nature Based Learning


The outdoor education program is program designed to deepen and extend learning through various activities such as: hiking, snowshoeing and outdoor survival skills to teach curricular outcomes. This results in a different learning environment that stimulates and challenges students. Moreover, it provides the opportunity for extending these experiences into classroom projects. By fostering awareness and reflection in nature, students will experience the mental, emotional, academic, physical and social benefits of being outside.

For more information or if you have any questions please contact Ryan Lemphers at

Parent Information and Gear Lists:

2016-2017 OE Parent Letter – Welcome letter explaining what the Outdoor Education Program looks like at EPPS.

Trip Dates & Locations –UPDATED due to Swimming dates, listed class by class.

Outdoor Education Permission form

Outdoor Skills Grade 4 Gear List

Outdoor Skills Grade 5 Gear List

How and Why of Assessment – Learn more about how your child is being assessed.

Risk Mitigation – This document explains some of the risks that may be encountered while participating in Outdoor Education activities and how we reduce and manage them

EPPS Outdoor Education Program Progression – Learn the rationale and design that goes into the planning of Outdoor Education at EPPS.

FSD’s Outdoor Education Vision – This document explains the four pillars of Outdoor Education in FSD and how it connects to creating future Albertans that are: Engaged Thinkers, Ethical Citizens who have a Entreprenurial Spirit.

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