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Cayley Back to School Info

Back to school written on a chalkboard

Dear Cayley School Families,

We are very excited to welcome students and families back to school for the 2021-22 School Year. I am excited to join the Cayley School community and look forward to meeting students and families as we start up for another great year of school. 

Prior to the start of the school year, FSD has shared their School Renewal Plan for 2021-22 with all stakeholders. In an effort to have a successful re-opening, we would like to inform you of a few items that may help your child and family have a smoother transition back to school. We will be following the guidelines and recommendations from AHS and FSD as we move forward and will commit to timely communication of any changes as we move through the school year. 


Staggered Entry Schedule

Wednesday, September 1

  • Kindergarten & Grade 1

Thursday, September 2

  • Grade 2, 3 and 4

Friday, September 3

  • Grades 5,6,7 and 8

Tuesday, September 7

  • Welcome Back to All Students


Pick Up/Drop Off

Remember that our morning supervision will start at 7:55 and we will welcome our students into the school at 8:10 am to start the day. 

Each grade level will be assigned a boot room/entrance as follows:

  • Kindergarten and grade ones entering through the south entrance. 
  • Grade two/three and grade three/four class entering on the east side of the school.
  • Grade five/six and grade seven/eight will be entering through the north door. 


Kindergarten Parents 

We would like to invite Kindergarten parents to drop off their children the morning of Wednesday September 1st at 8am (prior to the start of the day), to come in through the main office doors and drop their child off with Mrs. Blake in the classroom. In order to limit the amount of traffic and outside visitors at the school, we will just open this up to Kindergarten families at this time. 


Masks Encouraged 

As per the Provincial Health Guidelines and Foothills School Division School Renewal Plan, masks are recommended and encouraged, however will not be mandatory at this time. We respect and work Sta with you and your family’s wishes. We will continue to focus on social distancing, daily health checklists, handwashing and personal hygiene and cohorting as a few of the other measures within the school to limit the spread of germs. 


AHS Daily Health Checklist 

We would ask that all families review the most recent AHS Daily Health Checklist prior to sending your child to school each day. Please do not send ill children to school and follow the recommendations of your health provider or 811 with regards to your child’s illness. Please note that if your child is symptomatic while at school (See AHS Checklist) we will be requiring a parent or guardian to come and pick up your child, so we can limit the spread of germs. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy this year at Cayley school, and your cooperation with this is greatly appreciated! 


Transportation & Masks 

According to CMOH Order 34-21, masks will be mandatory on public transportation. Please review the FSD School Renewal Plan (section 3.1) for more details on Masking on the Bus. 


Visitors at Cayley School 

To begin the year, visitors will be permitted but are also encouraged to wear a mask when in the building. We would ask that whenever possible, please make an appointment with the teacher or our office if you plan to visit. We do ask that parents still wait outside for drop off and pick up at the start and end of the day whenever possible. If a parent needs to quickly drop off an item, an appointment will not be necessary if this is a quick in and out.


We are looking forward to an awesome school year, and we can’t wait to see all of our Cayley Cobras back next week! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at the school (403-601-2702) or Jolene Becker by email at  We look forward to welcoming you back! 

Thank you,

Jolene Becker, Principal

David Taylor, Assistant Principal



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