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Who We Are

Who We Are


The Foothills School Division is in the process of establishing the Friends of Foothills Schools Foundation.

The Friends of Foothills Schools Foundation is dedicated to providing a rich and diverse educational environment for all Foothills School Division students through research-driven innovation and to extending the boundaries of each individual student’s potential, allowing them to “explore, develop, and celebrate” their achievements. We help to inspire lifelong learning, to advance knowledge, and to strengthen our communities. 

The Foundation will offer funding opportunities for the benefit of advancing education in public schools within Foothills School Division boundaries. This may include scholarships, bursaries, prizes, and financial assistance to students; school and tuition fees; educational facilities, teachers, equipment, and salaries; sports and education programs; community groups and clubs, such as after-school clubs; alumni associations and school councils; education-related conferences open to the public; experiential education including field trips; preschool and daycare programs; and summer camps. 

ASCAN#: 5024543513
Incorporation Date: August 23, 2022   

CRA Registration: 705798601 RR 0001

This is a great way to stay in touch with the Friends of Foothills Schools Foundation and empower education within our communities.

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