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Information about masks and rapid tests

Information about masks & rapid tests

As part of the return to in-person learning, the government of Alberta announced all schools would be receiving masks and rapid test kits for distribution. As these materials are now arriving in our schools. 


About masks: 

  • We have received enough supply for each student to receive a two-week supply (20 masks). 
  • Each school has determined the best way to distribute these masks and will communicate directly to their school community. 
  • We have given schools the option to keep some or all of the masks onsite for use when students forget, lose, or damage their own masks. If this is the case for your school, your school’s administration will let you know. If this is the case for your school, you are still able to request masks be sent home by contacting your school’s administration. 
  • If you have any questions about accessing masks, please contact your school directly. 


About rapid tests: 

  • Rapid test kits are for home use. At no time will we be administering any COVID tests to children or enforcing mandatory testing. Rapid test kits are for voluntary use. 
  • As it has been reported, there are delays in the delivery of rapid tests. We do not have information about when all rapid tests will arrive at our schools. 
  • Rapid test kits must be requested. Your school’s administration will communicate its distribution plan directly to you when kits arrive. 
  • Each school is receiving one rapid test kit per student in the initial delivery  
  • Each kit contains five tests. It is recommended that rapid tests are used twice per week, ideally on Sunday and Wednesday. One kit should last your child two-and-a-half weeks.  
  • Kits will be sent home with your child to reduce the number of visitors to the school. 
  • The Government of Alberta has indicated that more kits will be delivered to schools for distribution over the next few weeks. 



  • If your child has any symptoms, they are to stay home, even if the test shows they are COVID negative. 


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