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Extracurricular Activities

Sports Activities are offered throughout the year during the noon hour as a supplement to the physical education program.

School Patrols provide Grade Five and Grade Six students with a chance to demonstrate their leadership skills and take responsibility.  Through all knds of weather, safety patrollers assist students with using the crosswalk safely.  In past years our School Patrollers have been recognized as the top rural school patrol. The Safety Patrollers are also recognized for their contributions throughout the year with a nunber of special pizza parties and a year-end picnic at Heritage Park organized by the Alberta Motor Association.

Student Secretaries are in Gr. 5 and 6 who sign up for “student secretary” duties.  As a student secretary they learn telephone answering skills and how to deal with the public during the lunch recess.

Choir – Musicians enjoy choir practice and as part of the choir sing at assemblies, nursing home visits and the music festival.  Choir membership is open to Grade three to six students

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