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English Program

English Program

Welcome to Percy Pegler!   We are excited to have you join our school.  We are pleased to share our EPPS Commitment to Learning where we:

  • Foster a culture of belonging where diversity is expected and celebrated where each learner is welcomed, cared for, respected, and safe.
  • Design intellectually engaging learning within the program of studies. Learning opportunities are relevant, purposeful and differentiated to develop knowledge, skills, conceptual understanding and deeper thinking.
  • Develop and provide a continuum of supports to address students’ strengths, needs and areas for growth.
  • Develop competencies within each learner for lifelong learning and active citizenship through collaboration, critical thinking, communication, creativity and innovation, problem solving, managing information, personal growth and well-being, as well as cultural and global citizenship. 
  • Ensure students are literate and numerate.  Learning opportunities are designed in all subject areas and grade levels to develop learners’ ability, confidence and willingness to engage, communicate and create.
  • Design assessment and evaluation to support student independence and self-efficacy in their learning.  Students know where they are, where they need to be, and next steps in learning through clear success criteria, learning targets, and effective feedback. Ongoing assessment/student evidence is used to guide instruction and improve student learning.
  • Collaborate as a learning community to support each learner’s success.

Please find the link to the Parent Guide which will share the content areas of instruction in the various grade levels.  

Please find School Boundaries here to see if you are in the Percy Pegler School catchment.

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