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Student Organizations and Clubs

Student Organizations and Clubs


Cross Country Running Club:

RDL offers an Elementary Cross-Country running club for students from grade three to six. This team is for kids who love to run, and want to have fun training & improving their overall fitness. We practice twice per week and will compete in at least two official races with other schools in the area.  This is offered to students in September and early October of the school year.

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Junior High Reach for the Top:

The students at RDL have expressed an interest in starting a School Reach Junior (Grades 6-8) and Intermediate (Grade 9) club. Originally a television show, Reach for the Top has evolved into a school based trivia competition that occurs at local league, provincial and national levels.  In teams of four, students race to answer trivia questions worth different amounts of points in different formats and categories.  It is an opportunity for students to showcase interests and experiences that they may or may not get a chance to pursue in the classroom or in any other extracurricular format.

We will be practicing two-three times a week, during "Day 1, 3, & 5" lunch recess, and maybe participating in three tournaments at the local level.  Hopefully, we will have one or two teams for each division."


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