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Part Time Kindergarten Supply List 2022-23.pdf

Full Time Kindergarten Supply list 2022-23.pdf

Grade 1 Supply List 2022-23.pdf

Grade 2 Supply list 2022-23.pdf

Grade 2-3 M Supply List 2022-23.pdf

Grade 3 Supply List 2022 2023.pdf

Grade 4 supply list 2022-23.pdf

Grade 5R Supply List 2022-23.pdf

Grade 5L Supply List 2022-23.pdf

You can also order online at School Start by clicking: 

Parents go directly to: https://schoolstart

Then click on the following:

- Parents Shop Here

- Purchase School Supply Kits

- Select Province, then City, then School

- Click Here to Purchase Your School Kits

- Lastly, click on your child's grade or class 

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