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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Pursuits

Please see the attached draft document that informs and updates our Guidelines for Off-Site Camping and Backpacking

Welcome to Millarville Community School’s Outdoor Pursuits Program, where kids learn about, build appreciation for and recognize the benefits of the outdoor environment, which lies just out their back door.

During the program, students will be introduced to, refine and execute outdoor knowledge, skills and positive attitudes from kindergarten to grade eight. This may take many forms, but we strive for every child to be exposed to one of the above strands, found in the Outdoor Pursuits mission statement, on two or more occasions per month. These may take the form of on-campus, consultant-led activities or off-campus outings to the beautiful Kananaskis country or beyond.

Our objective is to establish a foundation before any field trip, which includes basic concepts, skills and attitudes to ensure the trip will be safe and enjoyable. We want students to use these unique opportunities to develop a better awareness and understanding of self and the group in problem solving situations, while appreciating the delicate relationship humans hold with nature.

It is the goal of the this program to expose children to the beautiful, pristine environments of Kananaskis Country and the neighbouring national parks at a reasonable cost to the students, while providing unique adventures that will instill a lifetime attraction to the outdoors.

Camping Checklists

MCS clothing including hoodies, sweat pants, and hats can be ordered online via:

How to Layer for optimal comfort in the outdoors:

  • MEC
  • REI


  • Nut-Free Yummly Protein bar Ideas

How to pack a Backpack

Cross Country Skiing Vidoes

Cross Country Skiing

Outdoor Pursuits Mission Statement

Along with a dedicated group of parents, we have developed our mission statement.

Be sure to take a read.

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