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The Millarville area has become one of the most sought after areas for acreage development as it is nestled in the foothills shadowed by the Eastern Cordillera.  This area is within easy access to the City of Calgary, yet within short driving time to some of the most beautiful recreational areas on earth.  The western (cowboy) culture predominates throughout the area and is adopted by many newcomers.  While there is still some ranching and farming in this area, the majority of the family incomes are derived from employment in the City of Calgary.  Small acreages of ten acres and less are very common.

This Hamlet of Millarville got its name from one of the early settlers in this place, Malcolm Tanner Millar.  He came to this area with another early settler, Joseph Fisher about 1885 and opened a trading post and store along with a post office.  The First Nations people known as the Stoneys, traveled through this area on foot and horse, on their way from their winter homes out in the Morley area (west of Calgary) to their summer hunting area west of Longview, to what is now the Eden Valley Reserve. Today the Hamlet has grown to incorporate a new subdivision on the ridge to the north (hidden in the trees) of about twenty-six homes and a development to the immediate east surrounding a man-made lake and known as Millarville Crossing, currently consisting of about a dozen homes.  The hamlet itself is made up of a service station, a general store that houses the post office and a small bank, a small engine repair and sales business, the school which bounds the playing fields and outdoor skating rink, and approximately ten homes. 

Millarville Community School (MCS) serves an area of approximately four hundred square kilometers.  There are about one hundred ninety-eight students attending Kindergarten through grade eight.  The school is made up of four sections: the old school (where K-4 is taught), the main core (housing the library and offices), Erin’s Wing (grade 5-8), and the Stars Gymnasium (opened in 2001).  The oldest part of the school dates back to its location here (from another site situated to the west) in 1951 (newly renovated in 2008).  A building located adjacent to our school, Rancher’s Hall, is owned by our local Sports Association and is where our pre-school (4 year olds) and the play school (moms and tots) meet during the week.  The school has always been a community centre, hosting many activities related to both school and community.    

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