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School History

About Us

About Us

In 1923, the oil well Royalite Four blew in, indicating a great underground wealth and bringing a consequent inrush of people. This naturally brought agitation for educational facilities resulting in the construction of an elementary school in Turner Valley. As the area “boomed”, new schools were built.

However, being confronted with still further development, these smaller units amalgamated in 1929. Mr. David Sullivan was the first official trustee: and in 1931 Mr. Shearer became superintendent of schools in Alberta’s first big unit.

Soon demand for secondary school advantages came to the fore, with the result that, in 1932, the present high school was built. Ed Brown of Calgary was the contractor. Apparently many donations to it were made by Royalite Oil Co. Ltd., and by private citizens. At its opening the institution boasted four rooms plus additional quarters for home economics and workshop classes.

The original principal Mr. Shearer, is accredited with laying the rudiments for today’s school policy.

In 1955-56 buses first arrived at the school, greatly lessening the transportation burden for students.

In 1959-60 the south Turner Valley High was incorporated with our school. And in 1960 grade eleven and twelve from Sheep Creek also joined us.

In 1959-60 saw the enlargement of the school to include seven classrooms, as well as a library room, laboratory, office and upstairs lavatories. At present there are many hopes for a new and even better high school, in the near future, to serve Turner Valley, Black Diamond, the south end, and Millarville.

In 1963 Oilfields High School was opened.

In 1992-1993 the school was under construction, class continued through out major piles of rubble and confusion.

On April 24 1994, the Minister of Education, the Honourable Halvar Johnson reopened the high school. Following the renovations, the school was twice the size.

In 1998-99 due to the increase of student population two portables were added to the school.

In 1999-2000 the student population has increased to 420 including grade 8 to grade 12.

In 2002-03 the home economics and industrial education facilities were closed down for re-modernization.

In Feb 2004 the re-modernization project was completed and our new CTS facility, Band Room and Wellness Centre were opened.

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