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Respect Program

Respect Certified

Foothills School Division was the FIRST school division in Canada to commit to having ALL of its employees as well as volunteers who work with students on a regular basis undergo either the Respect in School or Respect in Sport and Respect in the Workplace online education training.

These programs focus on the topics of bullying, abuse, harassment and neglect.  They also include information about emotional and physical development, discrimination, hazing and the inherent power individuals may have over one another by virtue of their position within an organization, group, team or school.

About the Respect Programs

Respect Group Inc. is the parent organization for the online education programs Respect in Sport for coaches and Respect in School for school leaders, staff and volunteers.  Co-founded in 2004 by Wayne McNeil and former NHL player Sheldon Kennedy, the Respect Group programs were developed in consultation with the Canadian Red Cross to protect youth and inform coaches, school leaders and staff, and community volunteers.

Our Commitment

At Foothills School Division, we are committed to fostering respectful relationships with our students, the community and each other.  These two programs provide us with another mechanism to develop consistent practices across the school division among all of our employees as well as volunteers entrusted to work with children in our schools and throughout our community.  We are proud of the dedication and commitment to learning that our employees demonstrate each and every day, and their response to these programs has been overwhelmingly positive.

All Staff are required to complete the Respect in Workplace Program. In addition school based employees should complete the School or Sport Respect Program.  

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