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Hutterite Colony Schools

Foothills Hutterite Colony Schools are multi-aged and multi-graded classrooms. Foothills School Division is home to three Hutterite Colonies:  Cayley and MacMillan Colonies are located west of the hamlet of Cayley and the High River Colony School is located south of the hamlet of Blackie. They thrive within a Christian-based rural, farming community, with each colony having its own identity. 

Each Hutterite colony builds and maintains its own school to minimize outside influence and to ensure alignment with its belief system. As such, the use of technology, such as computers and the Internet, varies from school to school. Through collaboration with the German school teacher, the colony teacher understands what will be permitted at each site.  Teaching at a Hutterian Brethren colony school is a rewarding and unique experience. The teacher works in a culturally specific community with families and students who are English Language Learners. Learning to speak, read and write in English is a priority. 

The language of use in Hutterite Colonies is a German dialect. In Alberta, there are two sects of Hutterites: Dariusleut and Lehrerleut. Each with its own unique traditions. High River and Cayley Colonies are Dariusleut, and MacMillan Colony is Lehrerleut. Students attend German Kindergarten from age three to six. Students begin English school for kindergarten and can finish on or after their fifteenth birthday. Colony schools follow the Foothills School Division Calendar and Alberta Program of Studies.  


Colony Contacts

Principal - Ryan Hayden

High River Colony Lead Teacher- Diane Diebel 

Macmillan Colony Lead Teacher- Debbie Leech 

Cayley Colony Lead Teacher- Glynn Anderson 

Cayley Colony Teacher Grade K-3- Ellen Millan Wilfred

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