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School Fees

School Fees

Foothills School Division is dedicated to providing quality and affordable education and exceptional learning environments for our students. In accordance with the introduction of Bill 1:  An Act to Reduce School Fees as well as the School Fees and Cost Regulation, there will be no school fees charged to parents for Text Books, Work Books, Photocopying, Printing or Paper Supplies. 

Other fees may vary for each school and are calculated considering several factors, including grade level, activities, and options. For your learner's fees, please log into your Edsembli Parent Portal or visit your school's website

School Fees FAQ

Who sets School fees? Why do they differ between schools?

Each school examines the programs being offered and the basic materials that are required.  Costs for additional materials to supplement the program are then calculated, and these costs determine the material fee that is charged to students. Fees are set on a cost-recovery basis only.

How do I know that FSD is not making a profit by charging fees?

Following concerns from parents, the Board of Trustees approved guidelines to limit the materials and resources for which fees may be charged. Fees shall not be charged for the following: mandatory workbooks; materials or equipment related to core courses, except Field Trip Fees; and classroom instruction.

Fees are strictly used to cover a portion of the costs involved in delivering the program or materials for which they are charged. Some fees are identified to cover the costs to schools of providing specific optional activities, such as field trips, yearbooks, and graduations. The fees related to these activities are not mandatory, should a student choose not to participate.

When are fees due?

Fees are due within 30 days of being assessed, typically by October 31. Parents/independent students have a number of payment options including online payment using Visa or MasterCard. Fees may also be paid at the school with cash or cheque (made out to Foothills School Division).

What are the options if a parent cannot pay the fees?

If circumstances exist where you are unable to pay your student fees, you can apply to have certain fees waived.

If it's determined fees aren't eligible to be waived, based on the submitted application, payment plan options may be made with the school’s administration.

How do I apply for a fee waiver?

If circumstances exist where you are unable to pay your student fees you can apply to have certain fees waived using the Waiver of Fees. If parents / independent students are not eligible to have fees waived, payment options may be made with the school’s administration. A completed application form with supporting documents, marked CONFIDENTIAL, should be mailed to: Foothills School Division (Attn: Treasurer), 129 4th Avenue SW, Suite 300, PO Box 5700, High River, AB  T1V 1M7

What if school fees remain unpaid?

If fees are not paid, they will be forwarded to a collection agency.

Why does FSD not use tax-generated revenue, instead of charging fees?

School jurisdictions receive funding from Alberta Education. This funding is separate from the local taxes, which are assessed and collected by local municipalities. The provincial government sets provincial education tax rates, and funds collected are allocated to school jurisdictions based on the provincial funding framework. There is no direct correlation between the taxes collected locally for schools and the provincial funding framework.

Have more questions?

Contact your school directly or review our Administrative Procedure 506 - Student Fees.


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