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School Council

School Councils

Comprised of parents, teachers, administration, and community representatives.  Meetings provides a connection to the parents and community for information, communication, and above all, the opportunity to participate in school council projects.  It is a means for parents and community members to work together with the school to support and enhance student learning.

An important ways you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of Foothills School Division students is by participating on school councils. By connecting students, schools and your community, school councils help nurture and inspire students to achieve their full potential.

Please contact your local school for more information on joining your School Council.

Council of School Councils (COSC)

The Council of School Councils (COSC) is comprised of school council chairs (or an appropriate designate), members of the Board of Trustees and other FSD leaders. Its purpose is for Foothills School Division leaders and parents to have an opportunity to work together, to share information, discuss concerns, and plan for the future.

We value the contribution of parent leadership and have formalized a program to keep the lines of communication open between the FSD as a public education system and parent leadership in individual school communities.

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