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School Fees

School Fees

Welcome to another new school year at Oilfields High School.  Thank you for your patience as we move through the initial school processes and begin this year. 

Your student’s School Fee account invoice will be mailed home shortly.  Please take time to review and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call Mrs. Katie Hein, the accounts administrator at our school. 

Please read the following:

  • You will have the ability to pay your child’s school fees through the Maplewood on line system and be able to see a breakdown of the charges and payments made throughout the school year. Shortly you will be receiving you Maplewood log in and password from the school, via email.  Simply login and go to the Accounts tab. You will see all outstanding charges and be able to click ALL to pay all charges, or enter the amount you wish to pay against a charge. Click the Make Payment button at the top and you will be redirected to Moneris to complete your payments by Visa or Mastercard.  Further directions are available on our school website under the Families tab. You can still pay your schools fees through the school office using cash, credit card or cheque made payable to Foothills School Division.
  • Along with all regular school fees you will be able to see all of your student’s charges, such as field trips, Gym Strip etc. Please log in frequently to see and pay any other fees associated with your student. 
  • We are no longer offering yearbooks through the school.  They will be able to be ordered and personalized through Picaboo Yearbooks.  When the link is ready, it will be posted on the website and emailed home.  
  • If you are providing your own instrument for band please inform either Mr. Jordan Davis or Mrs. Katie Hein and a credit will be issued on your account for the cost of the instrument rental. 
  • Senior and Junior Students who change options courses for semester two will possibly have adjustments to their account invoices.  Each senior option course has different charges associated with it and by changing options charges will be altered.  If changes do occur a second invoice will be mailed out early in semester two.
  • As with all outstanding monies we would appreciate prompt payment of your bill.  Fees are due October 31st, 2020.  However, we understand there are always circumstances where money constraints and other problems may arise.  We would like to work with you and provide payment options to ensure your account remains in good standing.   Please contact the office for more information.


School Fee invoices will be mailed home at the beginning of October and will be due October 31, 2020. Please forward all payments to Oilfields High School office.  We accept cash and cheques made payable to Foothills School Division, as well as Credit Card payments on line (please see instructions below). Collection proceedings will begin at March 2021.  Any credits available will carry over to next year’s fees. 

Online Instructions (Please click on the following link)


We will be offering on-line payments for our School Fees for the 2019-2020 school year through Maplewood – our student information system. Login instructions will be emailed home in September.  We encourage you to log in frequently to Maplewood as additional charges such as field trips, gym strip etc may be added throughout the year.  Within the first week of October you will be notified of the details of your School Fee invoice with details of how to pay this invoice on-line by Visa or Mastercard. If you do not wish to pay on-line, you are still welcome to drop a cheque made payable to Foothills School Division or cash off at your school office. Should you need to make alternate payment arrangements, please contact the school.


Grade 12 students and hockey students who have credits available will have refunds sent home at the end of March.  Any other credits will carry over to the next school year.

Waived Fees

The Assistant Superintendent Corporate Services shall approve all reductions and waivers of fees through the Division’s Fee Waiver Program.  Please click on the link for more information.

Application For Waiver of Fees

Please contact either Mrs. Katie Hein or Mr. Chet Musgrove for further information (403) 938-4973

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