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French Immersion

“While gaining proficiency in both of Canada’s official languages, English and French, our French Immersion program nurtures the cultural, social, intellectual and emotional development of each learner.”Foothills School Division 

École Okotoks Jr. High School is proud to offer a French Immersion Program that provides education that supports the development of all learners.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the French Immersion Program work?

  • Entry Points:
    • Kindergarten or grade 1
  • Instructional Time in French and English:
    • Grades 7 – 9 70% French and 30% in English

Who can enroll in French Immersion?

Immersion is suitable for children of all academic abilities and is not to be confused with enrichment programs.

What if I don’t speak French?

The language of communication between home and school is English.

How can I help with homework if I don’t speak French?

Your belief in the value of a second language, as well as your encouragement will strengthen your child’s learning experience. Your child’s teacher will be able to suggest fun activities for the family that will add to the program.

What about learning English?

English Language Arts was introduced to your child in grade 3 and will remain as one of the curriculum areas of study through junior high.

Will my child be missing out on other curriculum?

Both the English program and the French Immersion follow the same provincial curriculum; the difference is the language of instruction.

Canadian Parents for French Information Updates

CPF meeting Oct. 2016

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