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Husky Gear:

Our store is NOW open.  Please use the following link to order your Husky Spirit Clothing:
The store closes: September 19th, 2021 and will reopen prior to the Christmas Holidays and again before Easter. 

Phys. Ed. 

  • We are excited to offer some new PE enrichment opportunities for our students this year.  Grades K-4 will be rollerblading and Grades 5-9 will be playing Lacrosse.  Both activities will take place in the spring. We are currently waiting to hear back from the Okotoks Rec Centre for K-6 swimming lessons.  More information will be shared as it becomes available. 
  • Phys. Ed is also looking for parent volunteers to help further enrich the Phys. Ed. classes.  Some possible areas are (but are not limited to) are fitness classes, dance classes, karate, etc.   If you have certification and would like to volunteer your time for a couple days, or through a zoom call please contact Shannon Cederstrand at 
  • Clothing: The expectation for the 2021/22 school year will be for students    grade 6 – grade 9 to change into Heritage Heights gym strip.  We also ask that students have a bag to place their clothing in. Clothing ordered in the spring has been handed out to all students.  Gym Strip clothing that was not ordered in the spring can be ordered this fall.  The store is currently open and orders can be placed through the following link:  Please get your orders in prior to: September 19th. Clothing will be delivered mid October. 
  • Footwear: As always, we ask that students have shoes that are suitable to being active.  We often find that fashion and style take precedent over function and although these types of footwear have their purpose, they can often be harmful and hurtful while being active.  
  • Outdoor gear: We are pleased to be able to offer students many opportunities to enjoy activities outside.  Being prepared for the weather is half of the battle in Alberta.  Students will know well in advance when they will be outside and will be encouraged to dress for the weather. 

 Husky Athletics 

As we look towards the 2021/2022 school year, we are planning on transitioning to a normal year including team sports in the fall.  At this time, we would like to reach out to the community to see if there are any parents that would be in a position to volunteer coach one of our teams. Please see the commitment level and the approximate time of year that these sports will run (this may be subject to change based on AHS guidelines). Each team typically runs 2 practices a week with 1 league game.  We encourage tournament play as well with our Sr. teams competing for a position in Zones. 

  • Cross Country: Grades 1-9 (September & October)
  • Flag Football: Grade 6 team, Grade 7-9 (September & October)
  • Volleyball: Girls & Boys Jr. Volleyball, Girls & Boys Sr. Volleyball (September, October with the possibility of a week or two into November)
  • Basketball: Grade 6, Girls and Boys Jr. Basketball, Girls and Boys Sr. Basketball (November- First week of March)
  • Badminton: Grade 7-9 (March & April)
  • Track & Field: Grade 6-9 (May)


I often receive emails about programming and community opportunities for kids. If you’re young athlete would like to join an activity and you would like some support or guidance with where to look or programs to try, please don’t hesitate to reach out;

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