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Medication and Health Issues

Any student exhibiting symptoms will be masked and isolated in the office. Parents are asked to pickup within one hour and emergency contacts will be contacted should we be unable to reach primary guardians. The nurse’s room is located in the office. Students who are ill and who are waiting for a parent or guardian to pick them up may use it on a short-term basis. If a student is ill or first aid is required, the student should report to the office.

Students who become so ill during school hours that they cannot remain in class for the balance of the day should inform their teacher and report to the office. The office staff will contact parents in order to have them pick up their child. Students will not be permitted to leave the school without parental permission. STUDENTS MUST NEVER LEAVE THE SCHOOL WHEN CLASSES ARE IN SESSION WITHOUT FIRST CHECKING OUT AT THE OFFICE. Again, we ask the co-operation of our students and parents in minimizing learning disruptions and ensuring compliance with our school cell phone policy by making all contact using office phones.

Students with life-threatening allergies, requiring medication during the day or other medical needs require additional documentation to support at school.  Please inquire with your homeroom teacher or the office to assess any of these requirements based on your context.  

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