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Lunch\Break\Recess Time

Students should bring a nutritional snack each day. Elementary students will eat their snack prior to going outside for morning recess. Junior high students will have a 15 minute break at that same time and may eat their snack in their classroom or at their locker.

All students eat lunch in their classroom. Everyone in the school can and should expect a lunch break free from disruptive behavior and other people’s garbage. We expect everyone to respect the community, the building and other people. Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Each classroom or area has a recycle bin for students to recycle juice boxes. Cleaning solutions will be available to wipe surfaces before or after lunch breaks. In addition, students are not to share any food, condiments or utensils.

Outdoor recesses will be staggered by grades and an appropriate number of supervisors wearing fluorescent vests available to support students should a need arise.   Students are not allowed to leave the school boundaries during lunch or nutrition break, and must check out at the office should a parent be picking them up.

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