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Absence Line: 403-601-1752

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Regular attendance is of the utmost importance for ensuring the optimal learning environment for your child. The staff of Blackie School also recognizes that at times, students may need to miss or be absent from class.  Please contact the office at 403-601-1752 to notify the school of your child’s absence.  You can also communicate your son’s/daughter’s absence through a note or email directly to their classroom teacher and the main office.  The school will contact the parent for any unexcused absence.

Late Arrivals

Students arriving at school after the commencement of the day will have to report to the office prior to attending class.  Late arrivals will be noted in the student’s report card and monitored. Teachers will be in contact with parents if a student is habitually late.


Good health is essential for great learning.  Should your child become ill, please ensure they receive proper medical care and return to school only when fully recovered.  In the event of an accident or illness during the day, the school will attempt to contact the parent(s) or legal guardian(s).  The parent/guardian may be requested to pick up their child; or give permission for the child to go home.  If the school is not able to contact the parent/guardian directly, attempts will be made to contact their emergency contact people. Please keep your emergency contact information current.

Early Departures

If a student is required to leave early from the school, we ask that a parent or legal guardian notify us in advance by phone or email.  Upon arrival, please call the office (403-601-1752) and we will send your child out to meet you.  

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