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Medication and Health Issues

Parents must notify the office and classroom teacher regarding any medical problems or concerns.  Foothills School Division Administrative Procedure 316 requires written parental approval for the administration of any medication by the school’s staff.  All medication will be secured in the main office unless special arrangements have been made through administration, teacher, and parent.  Please update the staff of any changes in medications.

Administrative Procedure 316 also states that in the event that a student has potentially fatal or debilitating medical condition, such as allergic reactions that require immediate administration of medication or emergency procedures (to prevent death or health complication), form 316-1 needs to be completed, signed by the parent(s) and physician and given to the school.

Communicable conditions (lice, scabies, infectious skin conditions, etc.) must be treated according to Public Health Mandates.  A student, who contracts such a condition, must be excused from all school related activities until treatment is completed.  Schoolwork will be provided for the student and staff members will seek to ensure that the educational experience of the student involved is not hindered by this experience.

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