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Personal Device Use Policy


  1. The classroom teacher is free to implement classroom specific rules regarding cell phones, music devices, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, etc. at their discretion. These classroom specific rules must not contradict or lessen the school rules.
  2. Personal device use is prohibited in bathrooms and change rooms.
  3. Personal device use is not permitted at lunch or recess for students grades K-8.
  4. The filming, taking pictures, or recording of any person without their knowledge or consent is prohibited.
  5. Students are responsible for the safe keeping of their personal property and are encouraged to keep devices on their person or locked in their locker. In allowing personal devices on the school property the school assumes no liability for the loss or damage of the device unless it is in the care and control of a staff member.
  6. Staff members, other than administration, should not assume the liability of care for a student’s personal device.
  7. Parents are encouraged to communicate by calling or emailing the front office to excuse their child from school.
  8. Students are required to check out at the front office if leaving the school before the regular end of the school day.

Classroom Use

The intent of allowing personal device use in the classroom is to enhance student learning. Any decision to allow personal device use in a classroom should be driven by function and purpose.   

  1. Teachers will indicate, visually and verbally, when, and for what purpose, personal devices may be used in class. 
  2. Teachers will provide guidance and clarification regularly on proper use of devices.


  1. Students will be made aware of, and regularly reminded of, the personal device use policy for Westmount School and specific practices for individual classrooms.
  2. On the first instance of misuse the student will be asked to put their device away, out of sight, and silent.
  3. On the second breach, the student will be asked to place their device out of reach or in their locker.
  4. Teachers will communicate with parents, in a two-way conversation, if they have concerns regarding a student’s device use in class.
  5. At the discretion of the teacher, the teacher may refer repeated, or flagrant, misuse of personal devices to administration.
  6. Students who do not comply with the personal device use policy may lose their ability to bring a device to school, or may be suspended from school.
  7. Students accessing division owned computer networks via both personal and school-owned devices are bound by the Responsible Use Agreement and AP 144 Responsible Use of Technology.  

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