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2024-2025 Kindergarten 

Classes will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 8:05am-2:45pm

Optional Tuesdays/Thursdays to join the Junior Kindergarten class for a fee of $200/month

Kindergarten Assessment and Learner Profile Information:

This year all kindergarten teachers in Foothills School Division will be using the Early Years Evaluation – Teacher Assessment (EYE-TA) to assess children and report out to parents in Reporting Period 1.

The EYE-TA assesses the following five domains common to the learning areas of our Learner Profile in kindergarten:

  • Awareness of Self and Environment. The ability to think and talk about their world and make connections with home and community experiences;
  • Cognitive Skills. The ability to solve problems, recognize shapes and patterns, and understand basic mathematical operations and emergent literacy skills such as awareness of print and the connection between letters and sounds;
  • Language and Communication. Includes receptive language (the words children understand when they hear them spoken) and expressive vocabulary (the ability to express thoughts and feelings to others);
  • Physical Development. Assesses gross motor skills (large movements involving arms, legs and body) and fine motor skills (smaller movements involving fingers in coordination with sight); and,
  • Social Skills and Approaches to Learning. Assesses children’s attentiveness and perseverance and whether they are showing signs of social and emotional connectedness and empathy towards others.

The EYE-TA will provide teachers and parents with information about what to do to help their children be successful in school. Building children’s success across multiple domains when they are in kindergarten will provide them with a strong foundation in being ready to learn and read.

Parents will still receive the same Foothills School Division Learner Profile for their child this year in addition to their child’s individual EYE-TA report for Reporting Period 1.

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