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Parent School Council and Parent Fundraising Society

Parent School Council and Parent Fundraising Society

Blackie School has both a School Council with the purpose of advising and being partners in the education of our youth and a Fundraising Society for purpose of raising money to support the efforts of School Council and the Blackie School.

2022-2023 Parent  School Council: 

Scott Sherman - Chair

Lana Poulsen - Vice Chair

Natalie Britton - Secretary

2022-2023 Parent Fundraising Society:

Carmen Sewell - Funding President, Casino Chair

Natalie Britton  - Treasurer

Tamara Fike - Secretary

Amy Jamison - Hot Lunch Coordinator


Click here for Association/Society Bylaws

Parent School Council Meeting Minutes

October 19

November 16

January 18

February 15

March 15

April 19

May 24

Parent Fundraising Society Meeting Minutes

October 7  

November 4

December 2

February 10

March 3

March 31

May 12

June 2

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