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Safety Patrols

Safety Patrols

Reminders for ALL patrollers:

  • Be on time!
  • Bring your whistle if you have one (Lieutenants) Leave it in your backpack so that it is always with you at school.
  • If you are not able to make your shift, it is YOUR responsibility to call in a replacement.
  • Dress for the weather (hats, mittens, boots, etc).
  • Be attentive while on patrol. No chatting with friends, etc
  • If you are not certain if you are patrolling, due to weather, come prepared anyway and we will let you know at the school.

NOTE TO PARENTS OF PATROLS:   If your son or daughter is unable to cover their patrolling shift, it is THEIR responsibility to call/make arrangements for a replacement.   We are encouraging independence with this matter.   Thank you.

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