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Communication Plan


École Joe Clark’s Communication Plan and Summative Dates

The purpose of assessment and reporting is to guide and communicate learning. Procedures used to evaluate student achievement and are designed so that they are:

  • fair, just and equitable;
  • motivate students;
  • instill confidence in students’ abilities to learn and to succeed;
  • and test a variety of skills and levels of understanding.

General information on assessment, evaluation and reporting of student learning is made available to parents through School Council meetings; our Fall Gathering, Parent/Teacher Conferences/Interviews; Classroom, Curriculum and School Newsletters; Learner Profiles; Social Media platforms; and School/Division websites.

In accordance with Administrative Procedure 360, “Teachers must incorporate a variety of formative and summative assessments to inform and direct their practice for the purpose of improving, evaluating, and reporting student learning.” Furthermore, assessment, grade, mark, and evaluation are defined as:

  • Assessment: the process of collecting evidence of student learning.
  • Grade: a summary statement of student achievement based on the learning outcomes, indicated as a number or category.
  • Grades are based on summative assessments (assessment of learning).
  • Mark: a number or category assigned to any learning task that may be used to determine a grade.
  • Evaluation: is the process of judging student achievement based on the curriculum standards from the Alberta Program of Studies.

Our School Wide Opportunities for Communication for 2020-2021 are as follows:

October 14th and 15th Meet the Teacher and Parent/Teacher Interviews

November 27th 

Learner Profiles go home

February 10th and 11th 

Student Led Conferences

March 26th 

Learner Profiles go home

June 28th 

Final Learner Profiles go home

Please recognize that curricular newsletters, event calendars, and informational items are circulated on a timely basis to keep families informed but are not considered assessment indicators regarding your child’s academic growth.

*For Students who have an Individualized Learning Plans (ILP) ILPs are reported out in the same time frame as the Learner Profile. Therefore, the ILP reviews throughout the year align with the Learner Profiles and will come home at the same time. There are opportunities throughout the year to meet to develop and sign the ILP’s and have discussions with teachers, Learning Coach, and Administration.

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