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Reporting Student Absences and Lates

Attendance is taken in the morning for all grades and in the afternoon for Jr. High. Please report if your child will be late or absent by email or phone call.

We require your child’s full name and homeroom (if known) and the reason for and approximate length of the absence for attendance purposes.

If you do email your child’s teacher, please also include the office attendance email below in the event your child’s teacher is not in that day.

Any unexcused absences will generate an automated phone call and email to both parents from our attendance system.


Student Absence Email: 

Student Absence Line: 403-995-4808 Ext #1 

What If I Forget to Phone? 

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Please contact us prior to 8:30 to report a student absence.  If we have not been contacted by that time, our computer system will contact parents at their primary phone number on our file.  Students who are absent in the morning only must check in at the school upon their return. 




Extended Leave from School 

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Any lengthy absence from classes is likely to affect student progress adversely.  Students who are absent from school for an extended period (ie. family holiday) must inform the office and teachers.  Subject teachers, in consultation with students and parents, will determine a reasonable due date for missed assignments.  

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