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Before and After School Supervision and Office Procedures

Office Hours and Procedures 

School Hours 

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  • The office is open from 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. Please not that during the COVID-19 pandemic that parents will need to phone ahead to visit the office. 

  • Phone Number: 403.995.4808 

  • Attendance: 



Door Opening Times 

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Our entry time for students is at 8:30 or before if under the supervision of teachers.   

During the COVID-19 pandemic: 

  • Grade 7-9 – enter in the front door starting at 8:20. All students will go directly to their classroom. 

  • K-6 – students proceed to their assigned door (see parent email).  Teachers begin to let students in at 8:30. 

  • Students Grade 4 – 9 need to wear masks when entering the building.  Physical distancing will be practiced. 




Guest Policy 


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All guests to Meadow Ridge School must report first to the main office.  You will need to sign in and will receive a visitor ID badge.  Volunteers are welcome in classrooms and on learning expeditions.  Meadow Ridge annual volunteer authorizations will be sent home and completed each year.  Volunteers must obtain a critical record check when volunteering beyond 10 hours annually.  Criminal Record Checks will be kept on file for a period of 5 years.  Parent request letters to obtain a Criminal Record Check may be obtained in our office. 




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Arriving and Departing at Different Times 

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Late Arrival – any time after 8:40 AM or 1:00 PM Lunch 

  • When students are late to school in the morning or upon returning to school after lunch, they must check-in at the office. 

  • We appreciate parents/guardians calling in to inform us that their children will be late. The decision to excuse a late is at the discretion of the school.  We do not excuse late arrivals that occur as a result of sleeping in or missing buses. 



Early Departure – Before 12:30 PM or 3:15 PM 

  • Parents/Guardians need to sign their child out and accompany their child out of the building.   

  • Parents need to inform the teacher and the office that their child will be departing early 


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