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Class Placement

Class Placement

It is the professional responsibility of administrators and teachers to create class configurations each year that balance students' needs and available resources. When making decisions for class placement, a great deal of time and thought is spent creating classes where students will successfully learn together. In order to create balanced, equitable and productive classroom environments, we take into consideration the following factors:


- Class size targets

- Academic readiness

- Learning Support needs

- Specific talents & abilities

- Gender balance

- Social connections

- Emotional/behavioural needs


Each spring, teachers use these indicators to create classes for the following year and confirmation emails are sent to each student's family in August. As Meadow Ridge faculty have a complete picture of these areas, we are confident in the class lists we create. As such, we do not accept requests for specific teachers but do accept letters of parental concern regarding your child's academic and/or social emotional needs. Such letters need to be submitted before June 1st of the previous school year in confidence to the principal of Meadow Ridge School.

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