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Student Supports

Student Supports

Student Support

Programming Supporting All Learners at Dr. Morris Gibson

Dr. Morris Gibson offers a responsive, meaningful, high quality-learning environment that encourages the social, emotional and educational potential of every learner.  In support of this inclusive environment and learning for all, DMG has a continuum of strategies, supports and structures.

Throughout this continuum collaboration with the school-based team, school linked team and parents are essential and instrumental in ensuring the best learning environment for your child.


A School-Based Collaborative Team is established in keeping with the Inclusive Education/Special           Education. This team is accessed by your child’s teacher and includes:


Homeroom Teacher:  Your child’s teacher is the first contact in supporting your child’s needs. The school     based learning team is accessed through your child’s teacher.

Learning Coaches:

Kevin Poettcker:  Current Learning Coach,  provides individualized supports for studnets, working with     teachers to support students on ILP's and who need additional academic supports.

The role of the Learning Coach is to work collaboratively to build the capacity of the school and its teachers   for creating an sustaining an inclusive environment that meet the diverse learning needs of all students.

  • provide teachers with programming support to assist them in meeting the wide range of student learning needs
  • build teaching and learning capacity  by working alongside teachers in classrooms, modeling effective instructional and assessment strategies
  • works directly with individual or small groups of students

Support Staff

Educational Assistants

Under the direction of teachers the educational assistants work directly with students individually or in       small groups to deliver activities that reinforce and advance the educational program.

Family School Liaison Worker:  Lindsay Boucher

The role of the Family School Liaison worker is to connect families with outside agencies and to provide         one on one and small group counseling for students requiring supports.  The Family School Liaison Worker   also collaborates with the staff in ensuring proper supports for our students.


A School-Linked Collaborative Team is established in keeping with the Inclusive Education/Special Education.


We have a number of therapists who come regularly into our school to provide wrap-around service for our students. The learning coach, in consultation with parents and teachers, accesses this team.

Speech Language Therapists: Speech-Language therapists provide support to our students with a       number of communication needs.  Supports include but are not limited to: articulation, speaking in full   sentences, learning word meanings, listening comprehension, and augmentative/alternative   communications systems.

Occupational Therapists: Occupational therapists provide support to our students for fine motor and       sensory regulation needs.

Physical Therapist: Physical therapists provide support to our students for gross motor or well-being   needs.

Psychologist: A school psychologist comes in to work collaboratively with teachers in supporting the     emotional and behavioral needs of our students.  Assessments and recommendations of strategies is     provided to support the well-being of our students.

FSD School Linked Team

FSD Behavior Learning Strategist:  Lauren Wyman

Our behavior learning strategist is brought into the school to build the capacity of the staff by collaboratively problem solving in developing positive behavioral supports in meeting the needs of our students at the       universal, targeted and individualized level.

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