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School Council

School Council

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We believe the students are most likely to be successful learners when all the concerned participants of our school community (parents, teachers, school and district administration, staff and interested persons in the community at large) work together to support, enable, enhance and promote the effectiveness of our school.

What is School Council? What Does it Do?

  • School Council IS YOU
  • A forum for parents to:
    • Find out what’s going on at your school
    • Learn about and input into school policies and direction
    • Discuss concerns / provide ideas to School Admin related to our School Community
  • School Council supports the school financially
  • School Council helps build community through social events
  • School Council is a legal requirement of all schools in Alberta

What is DMG Fundraising Committee? What Does it Do?

  • A separate entity from School Council which supports fundraising activities in the school
  • A registered non-profit society raising funds to support the school as directed by School Council

Meetings are held monthly during the school year 4th Wednesday of the month, 6.00pm, Learning Commons AND on Instagram DMGSchoolCouncil



  • Meeting dates, agendas, minutes
  • Latest news and monthly newsletters
  • Items being funded by School Council this school year
  • Fundraising and Social Events 

School Council 2022-2023 - AGM to be held on November 23, 2022

Chair:  TBD

Vice-Chair: TBD

Secretary:  TBD

Director: TBD

Director: TBD 

Director: TBD 

DMG Fundraising Committee 2022 - 2023 - AGM to be held on November 23, 2022

President: TBD  

Vice-President: TBD  

Treasurer: TBD  

Secretary: TBD  

Director/Hot Lunch Coordinator: Stacy Moore

Director / Fundraising Coordinator: TBD  

Director: TBD  

For More Information

Facebook: Join the “DMG School Council & Fundraising Committee” Group

Website: School website sub-page “School Council”                             

Contact Us:           

School Council:                         

Fundraising Committee:            

Hot Lunch Committee:               

Hot Lunch Ordering:                  

Hot Lunch Volunteering:            

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