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Nut Restrictions


We have a significant number of students with allergic conditions that can potentially pose severe or life threatening reactions to certain foods (anaphylaxis). The majority of these allergies are directly related to peanuts and nut products, substances commonly found in many foods. Although some producers include package warnings that a product contains or “may contain” nuts /nut products, a wide variety of foods may also contain “trace amounts” of nuts. For some of our students, ingestion or exposure to even minute amounts of nuts or nut products can result in an immediate severe allergic reaction, including anaphylaxis.

While it impossible to guarantee an allergy or nut free environment in a school setting, we do take reasonable action as a school community to maintain a “nut restricted” school environment , which can significantly reduce the risk of exposure to students with allergies.

Parents are requested to make every reasonable effort to comply with following:

  1. Please do not send peanuts, tree nuts or foods containing nut products to school with your children.
  2. Please do not send foods containing peanut butter to school.
    (An excellent alternative is “NoNuts Peabutter”, locally available at Sobey’s, WalMart, Extra Foods, and Safeway. See
  3. Please check packaged food labels for evidence of peanuts or nut products, and if present keep these at home.

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