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Students in Good Standing

At Westmount School, our number one end in mind is school success.  Creating a safe and caring place for learning includes extra-curricular and special events, as well as places and times for additional learning time and/or support.  We also believe students need to learn that they are steering the course with the decisions they choose.  They need to be proactive in ensuring they are students in good standing. 

Our student in good standing commitment is that we will support student success and student accountability, ensuring students are proactive in maintaining academic success. 

All students are encouraged to get involved in extra-curricular opportunities and to attend special events. Participation in these opportunities is second to being a student in good standing.  To be a student in good standing students are required to be:

  • Achieving success at their personal academic level
  • Up to date on all assessments and assigned school work
  • Attending school regularly
  • Demonstrating digital responsibility

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