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Recycling at School

We have recently updated our recycling program to promote ownership, reduce contamination and increase effectiveness.

Rationale: It is believed that 90% of waste in schools can be directed away from the landfill with effective recycling and composting practices. Our goal is to teach our community how to be the best stewards of the environment that they can be and teach them how to manage waste.


Why Recycle?

  1. Recycling reduces the amount of waste in landfills.
  2. It preserves our natural resources.
  3. Recycling saves energy and water.
  4. Recycling reduces air pollution and greenhouse gasses.
  5. Recycling helps our forests and oceans which protects animals.

Each classroom has stacking recycling bins to manage their recycling. There are community bins for recycling returnable bottles in the common areas. These are collected each Friday afternoon by the recycling team!


Red Bin 

Our red bins are for clean, recyclable plastic and metals.

Here are some of the things you can put in the red bin:

rinsed yogurt containers, tinfoil, stretchy plastic, coffee cup lids, baggies, and plastic food trays with recycle symbols.

You can help your recycling team by making sure there are:

- no dirty or wet items, 

- no plastic cutlery, straws, lids, crinkly plastic or chip bags.


Blue Bin 

Our blue bins in the school are for paper and cardboard.

Here are some of the things you can put in your blue bin;

white paper, colored paper, construction paper cardboard, books, boxes, magazines, envelopes without windows and clean or dry paper cups.

You can help your recycling team by:

-making sure paper is clean

-removing all staples

-making sure it is only paper products in the blue bin

If extra space is needed for paper, each photocopy room has a large recycling bin that classrooms can empty their paper/ cardboard recycling into.


Yellow Bin 

The yellow bin is where we put bottles and beverage containers that we return for refund to the bottle depot.

We can recycle pop cans, juice cans, juice boxes, juice pouches, milk cartons, plastic milk drink containers, water bottles and glass bottles.

You can help your recycling team by:

- Making sure bottles and juice boxes are completely empty

- Remove straws from juice boxes

- Remove caps from bottles

- Rinse milk containers if possible

- Do not put garbage in here

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