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Option Course Descriptions

Junior High Option Course Descriptions

*Please note that some option courses have fees associated with them to provide additional supplies and materials.

Fitness - be your personal best and learn how your body works and what you need to do to reach your fitness goals.

Sports Leadership - get involved in supporting our athletic programs and intramural sport for students in K-6.

Yoga - practice techniques to challenge your body and calm your mind.

Outdoor Leadership ($Fee) - get outdoorsy! Learn about being in the wilderness both physically and mentally.

Hunter Education ($Fee) - learning about ecology and responsibility through a variety of mediums in the outdoors.

Woods ($Fee) - learn how to cut, saw, shape, hammer, nail, paint, and sand while keeping all of your fingers!

Wolfpack Leadership & Classroom Leaders (Yearlong) - be a part of creating what makes Westmount School a great place to be and volunteer in K-6 classrooms.

Art ($Fee) - show your artistic side through drawing, painting, sculpting, and more!

Musical Theatre ($Fee) (Yearlong) - dramatic arts, voice, dancing, movement.

Drama - improv & acting.

Band 7 ($Fee) (Yearlong) - concert band for students in grade 7.

Band 8/9 ($Fee) (Yearlong) - concert band for students in grade 8&9.

Photography ($Fee) - learn about techniques, composition, and editing.

French - Learn about the French language, culture, and food.

Graphic Design & Business - learn the fundamentals of design across multiple mediums and marketing of ideas.

3D Design ($Fee) - use computers to design and create.

Den - dedicated work time for homework help and learning strategies. Be prepared to work on the work!

STEM ($Fee) - explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Grade 8 & 9 only.

*Fees charged are for personal or consumable items that are required to offer a diverse level of programming. There are multiple no-fee options available for students to partake in.

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