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From Board of Trustees: Thank you for a memorable 2023-2024


As the 2023-2024 school year draws to a close, the Board of Trustees extends heartfelt thanks to the entire Foothills School Division community. Your contributions and dedication have made this another memorable year! 

All year long we have seen and heard how the students of Foothills School Division have persevered in their commitment to learning. Driven by innovation, curiosity, and a changing landscape our students met the challenges they encountered with resilience. This could not have been done without the unwavering support of all the staff from across our division.  

Throughout the year, you, our FSD Team, have demonstrated your steadfast commitment to your students, actively creating environments that foster and support all learners. We acknowledge and deeply appreciate all your efforts in cultivating a resilient, innovative, and authentic learning experience. As an educational institution, we understand that the future is shaped by the young minds in our classrooms today, and your dedication to their potential is invaluable. Thank you for making Foothills School Division an exceptional place to learn and work.

The Board also extends our heartfelt gratitude to the families, school councils, and community organizations that form our essential support network. Your involvement and support are pivotal to the success of our students. We deeply appreciate the kindness, generosity, and commitment you have shown.

In closing, we wish everyone a relaxing, enjoyable, and safe summer break. We look forward to reconnecting with all of you in August, ready to embark on another excellent year of learning together!

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