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Visit the Foothills School Division Ward Boundary Map to determine which ward boundary you are a resident of.

Ward 1 Candidates

Jack Molyneux (Acclaimed)

Email | Phone: 403-860-3059

Jack’s family are long-time residents of the Foothills County. His wife Lorraine graduated from Oilfields High School, and Jack graduated from Okotoks High School (Currently EOJHS). Graduating from the University of Lethbridge in 1985, Jack went directly to Red Deer Lake School where he taught his entire career, retiring in 2013. Jack was sworn in as a Trustee for Ward 1 in December 2018 and has thoroughly enjoyed working with his fellow Trustees. He is proud of the work he has been part of as he has learned the intricacies of being a Trustee while working with his colleagues during some interesting times. In working with the executive team led by Dr Fuzessy, Jack has found the Board’s work to be challenging and rewarding as the Board has navigated the issues raised by a pandemic, budgets, and a new proposed curriculum (to name a few), as well as Policy and Administrative Procedure reviews and various committee work.

Ward 1 is always his priority while working for the good of all of Foothills School Division. He particularly enjoys Parent Council Meetings and getting out to schools to share in activities and celebrations. Jack has taken time to volunteer occasionally with Food for Thought, a critical support organization providing meals for struggling families in the Ward 1 area as well as in High River. He continues to be the Alberta School Board Association’s representative on the Safety Guidelines Handbook Committee collaborating to develop and distribute a new safety handbook for schools, communities, teachers, and coaches in the province. 

When Jack is not working as a Trustee or on his real estate business, he can often be found with Lorraine, their dogs Lily and Hank, and camera in-hand, on their daily walk along the banks of the Sheep River. Enjoying the wildlife and splendor of the Turner Valley/Black Diamond area and the Eastern Slopes is still one of their favourite pastimes.

Ward 2 Candidates

John Evans

Email | Website

My name is John Evans, candidate for Ward 2 School Trustee, in the Foothills School Division. I am married with 2 teenagers attending Foothills Composite High School. Both my children attended Elementary and Junior High at Heritage Heights School. Although I was born and raised in Calgary, Foothills County is my permanent home. I grew up in the public school system in Calgary, and later attended SAIT and MRU for Accounting and Payroll Administration. I worked in the hospitality industry in management and administration before opening my own cafe in Calgary for 15 years. Most recently I have held positions with Statistics Canada and Supervisor for Elections Canada.  I have always actively participated in my children’s education; volunteering at school for field trips, reading assistance, hot lunches and supervising at band camps. I have served as treasurer and volunteer within my children’s lacrosse and hockey programs in Okotoks and surrounding area. I am an avid runner, cyclist and hiker. I’ve held several volunteer positions on various boards. I was VP and President of the Westwinds Music Society in Calgary, an adult orientated, education based, band and choir program. I am currently President of the Norris Coulee Homeowners association and I am also honoured sit as a voting member of the Dunbow Recreation Board.

I believe that I can provide a different voice to the school board as a parent and citizen of Foothills County. We need representation from differing points of view to have a balanced approach to our school division. Parents, teachers, students and residents are all stakeholders in ensuring success for our children. I would like to be that voice that represents all within our amazing ward. 

Toby Kliem

Email | Website | Phone: 825-855-1144

Toby Kliem is an active member of Foothills County and is passionate about championing the importance of our rural schools. He believes in the necessity of our learners having access to the tools and technology needed to succeed in the world beyond the school's doors, and in the value of fostering a love of continual learning.

As a parent, and an IT professional, Toby is personally invested in continual education; learning doesn't stop at graduation. In the community, Toby has been a Chair of the Blackie School Council and has chaired the Council of School Councils, where he gained a strong understanding of the dynamics between the Schools and Wards of FSD38. He is still actively volunteering in the communities of Blackie and High River and currently sits on the board of the High River Regional Airport.

With a background spanning business management, international resource exploration, and network administration, Toby understands the importance of seeing the big picture while still paying attention to the details. He draws from his knowledge of globe-spanning industries and experiences with a focus of bringing fresh, outside-the-box, perspective to seeking out those little details.

As the Ward 2 Trustee, Toby would aim to keep rural schools competitive and strong; ‘foster an attitude of inquisitiveness’ by investing the resources and support into the children, families, and staff; and make sure our schools have reliable access to technology in order for our children to be able to succeed in tomorrow’s world. For “It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” - John Wooden

Ward 3 Candidates

Theresa Letendre (Acclaimed)

Email | Website | Phone: 403-978-0815

Theresa Letendre has served on the Foothills School Division Board of Trustees as Vice-Chair since 2017. During her first term as trustee, Theresa has seen firsthand, the immense value of locally elected school boards - how strong, informed, leadership can the positively impact and enrich, the growth, achievement, and wellbeing of all learners. 

As a trustee, Theresa has been actively engaged in learning ways to enhance her governance role and contribute to meaningful change. From her committee work to the role she has taken on with Alberta School Boards Association's Zone 5, Theresa continues to ensure that her advocacy for public education reflects the values and priorities of not only the communities she serves, but those of the entire FSD school community. 

Learning without a doubt, is a passion for Theresa. She has been actively involved in the education system even before her children entered school. Theresa is a former educator who taught in Osaka, Japan, and Calgary, Alberta - holding a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary. 

Theresa currently lives in the Priddis area with her husband and two children, who attend Red Deer Lake School, where she remains an active volunteer and School Council member. Aside from being a regular volunteer in her community, Theresa is also the Director of the Red Deer Lake Soccer Association. On quiet days, you can find Theresa working in her garden, baking sweet treats, or simply enjoying the beauty of where she lives. 

Ward 4 Candidates

Sharon Nichols

Email | Website | Phone: 403-617-1748

Sharon Nichols was first elected as a Foothills School Division Trustee for Ward 4 in the October 2017. She is committed to ensuring access to consistent, high quality education for all learners in safe, caring and welcoming learning environments. 

Sharon was born in Calgary and, after completing a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Calgary graduated from Ottawa Teachers’ College. Throughout her career in education she has held teaching, administrative and curriculum leader roles. Upon leaving the classroom, Sharon served as a Learning Leader for the Calgary Board of Education, then as director of education at the Calgary Urban Project Society’s One World Child Development Centre, where she guided programming to ensure quality learning experiences for early childhood learners. Sharon is an instructor at the University of Calgary’s Werklund School of Education teaching undergraduate courses in curriculum studies and assessment practices, as well as supervising and mentoring student teachers during their field experiences. Sharon’s volunteer commitments have included supporting new Canadians in learning English and serving as a Trustee and Board Chair with the Okotoks Public Library. She also served as a member of the Okotoks Post-Secondary Education Committee, investigating avenues to expand post-secondary learning opportunities in this community. 

Sharon and her husband have two adult children and are proud grandparents of four amazing children.

Adrianne Nogier

Email | Phone: 403-869-1529

Hello, my name is Adrianne Nogier. I am a single mom who moved to Okotoks 5 years ago with my kids but have been in the Calgary area since 2006. My kids attended Okotoks Montessori for preschool and kindergarten and currently now in grades 5 & 6, they have always participated in extra curricular activities here in town. We love Okotoks as it still gives off a bit of the small town feeling that I grew up with. Born and raised in central Alberta I’ve come to appreciate that having a voice in my children’s education is important, especially as they get older. 

I have an Accounting Diploma from Grant MacEwan Community College (now MacEwan University), was a stay at home mom for several years but now am self-employed as a residential house cleaner in which I love doing. My kids and I enjoy everything outdoors from camping, hiking, riding our bikes, to being out on our families farms as well as any general exploring to anything indoors like watching a movie to playing a good game of cards, as long as we are all together. 

I believe that as a parent, I can offer a different perspective and opinion to the school board. I feel it is important to have that diversity amongst the board to ensure that every voice is heard and represented accordingly. 

Lisa Penzo

Email | Website

Lisa was born and raised in Calgary and after completing a Criminology Diploma from Mount Royal University, went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Law, Sociology and Anthropology with a concertation in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Carleton University.

Following university, Lisa then turned to the field of recreation and not-for-profit organizations. She excels in creating strong teams by providing leadership and mentorship to the organizations in the area of healthy child development, program planning, instructor and leader training.

Lisa is a proud mom of a high school student in the Foothills School Division and a university student and has gained valuable experience in working with children and families across multiple platforms.  She has worked directly with children, developed programs to support children and families, and trained other people to become leaders as well. 

Over the last 18 years, Lisa has been an active volunteer in her children’s schools since they took their first steps into the public education system. She has been a member of their school councils from elementary through to high school and volunteered within the schools in various roles including the hot lunch programs, field trip supervisor, reading programs, helping in the library and supporting the French language and culture activities and events. She has worked with trustees through the years in her role on School Council, building relationships with students, parents, teachers and administrators.

Lisa is committed to working on a balanced board that is transparent and accountable to its many stakeholders.  Lisa will be a strong voice for the students, teachers, parents and the greater community, all the while collaboratively working with the Board and Executive Committee in the best interest of Foothills students.

Glenn Stieben

Website | Phone: 403-995-0800

Glenn and his wife moved to Okotoks in 2008 from Calgary to be closer to family. He has been in the Real Estate Industry since 1975, and had a number of investments in small businesses over the years. Owned and Operated a Lawn Spraying Company for 15 years, and completed over 8000 service calls in a 5 month period.

His past experience in volunteer community work, includes elected board member for 7 years holding the position of Treasurer, and Landscape Manager for Rocky Ridge Ranch Community in Calgary. As Treasurer he balanced the budget with a surplus and no increase in fees. During this time he worked to organize community activities, and raised over $25,000.00 in donations to open a games room in the Community Centre, and staffed it with all volunteers.

As your representative and an independent community voice on the Foothills School Division, Board of Trustees, Glenn will be committed to representing you, the students, and making a difference for our School Board and Foothills community.

Some of Glenn's thoughts and concerns that he will address as Foothills School Division Board Trustee.

  • Decrease teacher costs and wages from $125,000 per year to $120,000 per year.
  • No more school fees, and no more overdue accounts sent to collection because there will be no fees.
  • No 2 Tier Kindergarten - Parents pay $250.00 extra fee so children can attend full days. Parents who can't manage the extra fee their children have only half day. There will be full time kindergarten free for all children.
  • Foothills School Division teachers get 90 calendar sick days/year and want to do away with a return to work doctor certificate.
  • Would propose a bylaw that teachers can't be part of the Foothills School Division Board of Trustees for 10 years after leaving the teaching profession. Currently there are 5 Trustee positions and 5 Trustees that are past teachers.

Ward 5 Candidates

Phil Irwin

Email | Website

Phil Irwin considers High River to be his hometown having originally moved to the community with his family in 1969. Twice in Phil’s adult life, post-secondary schooling and employment opportunities have taken him elsewhere, but he always knew that he would be back. Having lived and worked in the High River for over thirty years, Phil knows the community well. Having been an educator in Foothills School Division for 28 year of those years, he also knows and understands that High River needs responsible representation on the local public school board. That’s why he is running for public school board trustee for Ward 5 in High River on October 18th. 

After attending Camrose Lutheran College and getting his teaching degree at the University of Calgary, Phil attended Gonzaga University to complete his graduate studies. Phil's thesis for his Master's Degree was based on servant leadership, and both his life's work and his life interests, in addition to his life's play, demonstrate his dedication and commitment to this approach to leadership. Consequently, in recognition of Phil’s leadership within his school and Foothills School Division, in May of 2019 Phil received the Alberta Teachers' Association's Council for School Leadership Distinguished Leadership Award.  

Phil’s 31-year career as an educator demonstrates his ongoing passion for and commitment to public education and to the numerous stakeholders that it represents. Following ten enjoyable years as a classroom teacher, Phil became an administrator and leader for the remainder of his career within Foothills School Division. In the 1980s and early 90s, Phil was a teacher and vice principal at Blackie School. After his return from operating a family business in Banff for 13 years, Phil became the principal of Blackie School in 2005. In 2010, Phil was asked to serve as Principal at Ecole Senator Riley Middle School in High River -- the same school he graduated from in the mid 70s. Following three great years there, Phil once again was asked by the division to initiate change and provide leadership in a different setting and school within the division -- this time it was in Cayley School. In January of 2017, Phil was given the additional role of being principal of the three Foothills School Division colony schools. After a great career, Phil retired from school leadership and administration in June of this year knowing that he would be letting his name stand for election as the next public school board trustee for Foothills School Division in High River’s Ward 5. 

Fred Woods

Email | Website | Phone: 403-807-1670

Fred Woods, is the proud father of 4 adult children who have all had great success in the public school system. His life’s work has been raising young people to be contributing citizens in our global world. Having recently retired, he recognized the need to feed his continued passion for being a part of a collaborative team dedicated to having a positive impact in the area of education. 

Fred has been a member of the High River community working in the Foothills area nearing 20 years. Raised as a native Calgarian, he moved and spent the first part of his career in Northern BC and then, prior to his return to southern Alberta spent time as the Principal of the High School in Invermere.  

Fred’s strengths lie in capacity development, teambuilding and communication. His ability to communicate clearly and empathetically make him approachable. As a strong listener, he works to build consensus and alignment while embracing diverging opinions and respectful dissent.   

Fred’s forté includes facilitating highly functioning collaborative cultures of learning that are based upon his knowledge, enthusiasm, and determination to do what is best for the Foothills School Division. School improvement depends on building capacity throughout the system at all levels and as such, he indicates that he would like to see Foothills School Division continue to be regarded as an exemplar of a high-performing District with passionate and dedicated people.  

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