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Financial Reports

The Financial Statements of Foothills School Division, as presented to Alberta Education, have been prepared by school jurisdiction management responsible for their preparation, integrity and objectivity.  They have been prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and follow the format prescribed by Alberta Education.

In fulfilling its reporting responsibilities, management has maintained internal control systems and procedures designed to provide reasonable assurance that the school jurisdiction’s assets are safeguarded, transactions are executed in accordance with appropriate authorization and accounting records may be relied upon to properly reflect the school jurisdiction’s transactions. The effectiveness of these control systems is supported by the selection and training of qualified personnel, an organizational structure that provides an appropriate division of responsibility and a strong budgetary system of control.

Audited Financial Statements

Budget Reports

Trustee/Executive Expense Disclosure

These reports align with the Government of Alberta Public Disclosure of Travel and Expenses Policy and are disclosed under the guidelines of Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP).


Please contact: Denise Gow, Director of Financial Services

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