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Vaccine information from Alberta Health
Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for children ages 5-11. 
Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta Health and Alberta Education has asked we share their information about vaccine decision making and booking

Parent Letter (En).pdf

Supporting Your Child during Covid

Supporting Your Child during Covid

Below are some articles and resources that may support you in talking to your child about COVID - 19.

**Scroll to bottom of the page for Local Family Support Services**

Your Babies, a Beverage and a Corona:  A Parent Conversation with Dr. Jody Carrington

Webinar Sessions in Supporting your Child:  Community Education Services

How Can I Support my Child During this Stressful Time?


How to Talk to Your Child

How to Talk to Your Child About the News

Talking  to Your  Anxious Child  About COVID - 19

Talking with Children about COVID -  19

Talking to Your Child about COVID - 19

Talking to Children About COVID. -  19

Child Friendly Book About COVID -  19

Talking to Kids about Coronavirus and Supports for Parent Along the Way Teen Mental Health Resource Hub

Online Safety

Online Safety

Keeping Your Child Safe On-Line

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online in the Age of COVID

Structure Helps

Structure Helps

Predictability and routine can be important for all of us  in times such as these.  Creating a sense of predictabiilty can bring control back.  Below are some ideas families might choose  to consider as they're developing a structure that works best for them. 

Exemplar Schedule

Creating Structures and Rules

Routines and Teens:  How you Can Help

Help!  I've got Kids, What Do I Do?  Tips for parents working from home.

Parenting in a  Pandemic

How to Create a Learning Space for Your Child

Kid Friendly Fun

Kid Friendly Fun

Below you will find free resources that your child may be intersted in exploring.   

My Feelings Journal

Gratitude  Journal

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Ted Ed:  Ted Talks for Kids

National Geographic  Kids

Learn a Language  for Free

Virtual Museum

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems

Random Acts of Kindness

Activities to Try Together

Brain Pop

Mindfulness  for your Elementary Child

Leader in Me:  Resources for Families

Stay  Active

Stay  Active

Physical Activities to Do at  Home:  BOKS

Physical Activity Games:  BokSopoly

BOKS Kids 

Active After School Resources

Stay Active:   Free  Orangetheory  Workouts You Can  Do at Home (adapted for everyone's fitness levels!)

Yoga Ed

I Love a Challenge

Learn a New Sport or Skill

Virtual Run Club

Outdoor Families

Coping at Home for Families:  Supporting Well-Being through Meaningful Activity and Leisure

DPA Everyday

Free Reading, Podcasts  and Stories

Free Reading, Podcasts  and Stories

Free Public Library EResources:  Please sign up through

Libby:  Free E Books and Audiobooks

Audible:  Free Audiobooks

Kids Podcasts

Storyline Online

12 Story Library

ABDO Digital Bookshelf

Supporting Students with Disabilities

Supporting Students with Disabilities

Fine resources for  families that may support your  child at home.

Emergency Preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities

COVID - 19 Guidelines for the Spinal Cord Injury Community

Q and A for People Living with MS During COVID - 19 Pandemic

A Kids Guide to Handling Change

Schools Are Closed Social Stories

Social Story Changes

Why I  Can't Go to School:  A  Social Story

What is a Virus:   A Social Story

My Coronavirus:  A Social Story

Supporting Students with Autism:  A School Closure Toolkit

My Story about Pandemics and The Coronavirus:  Social Story

Boardmaker:  Free Social Stories and Create Your  Own

The Universal Core Vocabulary:  Karen Erickson

Does Your Child Use TacPac?  If so please go here and contact your child's Learning Coach.

Blind Low Vision apps Free for Home

Social Distancing Social Story

American Sign Language for Slowing the Spread of COVID

Live Captioning for Online Discussions in Supporting Students with Hearing Loss

Is Your Student a Switch User?  See These Apps!

Live Captioning for Videos in Supporting Students with Hearing Loss

Supporting Students with Autism at Home Modules

Inclusion Foothills:  Providing all Supports Virtually

Mental Health and Wellness

Mental Health and Wellness  

Being aware of and taking care of your mental health  is essential. Find resources  for taking care of your own mental health and your child's during this time.

How's Your Five?

Helping  Children Cope with Stress During COVID - 19

How to Cope with Triggering News Stories

Minding Your Mental Health During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Mental  Health Considerations During COVID - 19

Coping and Connection for Children and Families During COVID - 19

COVID 19 and Your Mental Health

camh:  Mental Health and the COVID - 1 9 Pandemic

Parenting During the  Coronavirus

Get Daily Advice During COVID - 19

Text 4 Hope:  AHS

Being  Resilient During  the Coronavirus

Coronavirus  Sanity Guide

Mental Wellness Moment with Dr. Mitchel:  COVID

Mindfulness for the Whole Family

Mind Your Mood

Free HearthMath (online)

Stronger Minds

Technology, Youth  and Mental Health

Wellness Together Canada

Coping with Current Events Webinar:  A Caregivers Tookit

Building Resilient Families  by Promoting Positive Mental and Physical Health

Stigma-Free COVID - 19 Youth Wellness Toolkit

Mind Up Resources

Minds Matter Daily Words of Wellness


Our  Minds Matter teams's short video clips that you and your family might enjoy to support your wellness during this time.  Please also come over and follow us on Instagram.

Deep Breathing

Name it to Tame It


Mindful Moments


Our Brains

Staying Connected and Active

Fighting Boredom and Overwhelm

Drop your Shoulders and Breathe

Laughter and Joy

Help and Supports

Help and Supports

Please note that should your child or family require support please see the following resources of numbers to call below.  Also know that the staff at your child's school is willing to help direct you to supports and resources you may need and/or support you in whatever way they can.  We are your partners.

Access Mental Health:  1-844-943-1500:  Provides non-urgent consultation and referrals to community supports.24 Hour Support:  Distress Centre:  Phone and Online Support

Online Mental Health Support

Help in Tough Times

Foothills Community Counseling

Government of Canada's COVID Economic Response Plan

Support for Albertans

Alberta  Income  Support

Alberta Emergency Financial Assistance

Interim COVID - 19 Support Plan:  Supports to help all Metis in Alberta

AHS Public Health Nursing Clinics  (Okotoks, High River, Black Diamond)

Life Skills for Children:  McMann

Life Skills for Youth:  McMann

Okotoks Family Resource Centre

High River FCSS:  To inquire  about supports in  High River and area. 403-652-8620

Okotoks Family Resource Centre  to inquire about  supports  in  Okotoks 403-995-2626.

Rowan House:  Shelter, Outreach, Safety Planning, Emotional Support:  Text 403-652-3311

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